It wasn’t long ago that the millions of Premier League fans were slating Mesut Ozil for his laziness, lack of productivity and failure to live up to his huge forty-two and a half Million Pound transfer fee.


Well times change. Michael Owen’s claims that Raheem Sterling was a better footballer than Ozil now seem ever more ludicrous than they were at the time. Sure Sterling is superb, but Ozil belongs in a bracket just below the likes of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Conjuring an assist in seven matches in a row is not an easy feat. Ozil has smashed the previous record held by Cesc Fabregas and currently has 11 assists this season, far more than any other player in the Premier League.

Not only that, but Ozil has upped his work rate. Perhaps Alexis Sanchez’s work ethic has rubbed off on the German maestro because Ozil as of writing this has covered more ground than any other attacking midfielder in the Premier League. You have to admit that’s impressive right?

Those bug like eyes have a vision that most players couldn’t even dream of.

Just to big him up a little bit more, Ozil also seems braver than he did last year. He’s not backing out of challenges as he did last year. This was highlighted in his goal against Dinamo Zagreb in the champions league, a diving header right in front of the goalkeeper. This was only his second headed goal in his career!

Admittedly you would expect a forty two million pounds player to have an instant impact but Ozil has certainly now proven to be worth the cash that Wenger paid. Arsenal fans are undoubtedly hoping that he can remain fit as their yearly injury crisis is now in full flow.