He’s only bloody gone and done it. England’s beam of hope for Euro 2016 has scored for the eleventh Premier League match in a row!



And he did it against United! Bloody United! The same club that former record holder Ruud van Nistelrooy played for! I know, right!? You couldn’t make this stuff up.


Nistelrooy previously held the record for scoring in ten consecutive games but Vardy’ went and did the unthinkable! Nobody would have bet on the former non-league hero scoring eleven matches in a row, nor would they have thought that Leicester would sit in second position in the Premier League at this stage in the season.


The form of Riyad Mahrez and Jamie Vardy has obviously given Leicester the hope of European football this season, a feat unlike any other, considering they only just managed to avoid relegation last season! However, there’s one man who I believe has been even more important than these two exciting, talented, footballing machines…


You’ve probably worked it out by now – it’s not Paul Konchesky – it’s the tinkerer himself, Claudio Ranieri.


The way he sets up his team for each different match with a focus on every single individual weakness really is management at its finest. Ranieri looks for his opponent’s weaknesses and he exploits them. Something that Sir Alex Ferguson was renowned for. No, I’m not comparing the two before you all get excited, I am just merely stating it’s a trait that the very best have – perhaps Steve McLaren should take note.


Anyway, big up Leicester City. They’ve made this Premier League season far more interesting with their attacking style of play.


I’m off for a pint with Tyson Fury and Jamie Vardy, I’ll catch you on the other side because this is going to be a messy Sunday afternoon.