Since joining Premier League outfit Liverpool, Jurgen Klopp has transformed a stale and underwhelming side into one of the best sides to watch.


Liverpool’s 4-1 victory over Manchester City was one of the best attacking performances that I have witnessed in the league this year and Philippe Coutinho and Roberto Firmino have been particularly exciting to watch.


However, the Merseyside club were extremely lucky to grab a point against a resilient West Brom side on Sunday. Divock Origi’s deflected shot cancelled out goals from Jonas Olsson and Craig Dawson in the dying moments as Liverpool trailed 2-1. Jordan Henderson had put the hosts ahead early on in the match.


That was not the strangest thing that happened on Sunday afternoon though. The confusing part came after the match after Klopp refused to shake West Bromwich Albion head coach Tony Pulis’ when the final whistle went.


After that Klopp went onto force his side to hold hands and bow to the Liverpool fans in order to say thank you for their support.


There have been many claims that it was a bit much but I think that if the fans have paid money to see you play and they have stayed throughout the game to support what was an underwhelming performance then they should be thanked. It may be an odd tradition to drag across from Borussia Dortmund but it is one that should be appreciated not insulted.



It seems as though some people seemed to think that they were celebrating the point. There is no way that Klopp saw it that way. And there is no way that any fan in their right mind saw it that way either.


His bizarre ways are intriguing but they are also adding much needed excitement to a Liverpool side that seemed lost earlier in the season under Brendan Rodgers who unfortunately lacked the “character” to lead the reds any longer.


This gesture was merely a thank you and one that I am sure the fans appreciated. I can only hope he continues being quirky because the Premier League is a much better place with him.


Now it’s merely a question of making Liverpool a force again. They currently sit in 9th place in the league, five points behind the top four.