This may well be the worst case of third season syndrome that has ever been witnessed in the Premier League. For the last ten years Jose Mourinho has been touted as one of the best managers to grace the footballing world. Yet in his third season in charge of Chelsea, during his second run with the club, his side currently sit in 15th place and just one point above the relegation zone.



Sure he won the Premier League last season but there was no mercy shown at Manchester City when Roberto Mancini failed to win the league the season after winning it. Maybe Jose has got the privilege of being a Chelsea legend? After all he has led them to three league titles in his time at the club but with 16 games gone, his side have registered just 15 points this season. A shocking statistic no matter what side you are.


Now this season is without a doubt unpredictable. Who would have thought that Leicester City would remain at the top of the league 16 matches in? Not many people would have bet on that.


It does seem bizarre that the side that won the league comfortably last season have struggled as much as they have. They have not lost any noticeable players and they have also signed the underwhelming Pedro and the overrated Falcao to bolster their squad to no avail.


Against Leicester City on Monday it seemed like Willian, who has been Chelsea’s one shining light this season, was the only man who truly wanted to be there. Diego Costa did play with a certain amount of passion but the rest of the side looked disinterested in a match that they never really looked like winning.


Mourinho said that he was “ashamed” of his side on Monday night. This and what seemed to be a spat with Eden Hazard, the player of the season last term, signalled that perhaps Mourinho has lost the dressing room that he once had firm control of.


His rocks at the back have turned weak. John Terry, Branislav Ivanovic and Cesar Azpilicueta have all been meer shadows of what they were last season and Nemanja Matic has offered them zero protection in the holding role. Hazard has shown no signs of brilliance, Costa has rarely been a threat in front of goal and Cesc Fabregas has created less than half the chances he had at this point last season.


These are all the signs you need to understand that Chelsea are seemingly beginning to crumble.